nuVizz: Providing Business Ready Apps for Logistics and E-Commerce Firms on a Mobile Platform

Gartner forecasts that by 2020, around 25 billion devices will be linked in contrast to 4.9 billion connections in 2015, owing to the proliferation of enterprise apps and IoT devices. In this point of view, field force automation or supply chain services optimizes the convenience of apps to deliver products or service with greater efficiency. In today’s world, delivering a product or service through an intricate network of providers, such as regional partners or third party service providers, is a cumbersome practice.

Delivery Partner

Conceding the significance and pain points of enterprise mobility trends in Supply Chain Services, US headquartered nuVizz recommends DeliverIt, an end-to-end mobile delivery tracking and execution solution. A business ready app, DeliverIt enables dispatchers to manage the last mile of the delivery. “It can vastly improve the capability of businesses to put them right next to the end customer, regardless of the complexity of the delivery network. DeliverIt is a win-win solution,” explains Anantha Rao, Chief Technology Officer at nuVizz. He adds that some of nuVizz’s customers have recorded 100 to 500 percent surge in network capacity after deployment of DeliverIt. This company, founded in 2011, consists of experts hailing from verticals such as Sales, R&D, Product Management, Retail, Consumer Goods, Life Sciences, Logistics, and e-commerce. nuVizz has a geographical presence in India and France, along with its nerve centers in Atlanta, GA and USA.

Consignment through DeliverIt

The nuVizz mobile solution:DeliverIt, is built on the enterprise mobile platform (mCore) that consists of Mobile device management, solution development kit, Company app store, and Mobile analytics layers. It is built to assist logistics employees from various verticals such as truck carriers, couriers, utilities, service technicians, installers, home and office deliveries, to deliver the products efficiently within a specified time. This customizable application by nuVizz permits users to have real time information on a geo-map dashboard which also includes the flexibility to capture customer signatures, documents, proof of deliveries (ePOD), photographs and more. Consequently, DeliverIt improves customer service by providing real time email notifications to employees and customers connected across the delivery network. Additionally, nuVizz’s mWork (Mobile Work by Design) helps companies to implement mobile solutions in a cost effective manner through the Zero to Beta in 60 Days Program.


To deliver products on the day of purchase, (DeliverIt-SameDay) has been introduced in two different models. In the store associate based model, logistics personnel deliver the product within a day. Whereas in the second model, a network of enterprising app users can opt-in to deliver the product to end consumers for a nominal fee. “This is now a very appealing idea to consumers where they do not have to wait for a courier delivery when ordering online. It is an opportunity for businesses to increase sales and compete with larger online vendors,” adds Rao.

Upcoming Strategy

Enterprise mobility and cloud computing will continue to be the big investments for businesses ahead, owing to the rapid adoption of IoT. Total addressable market (TAM) in the field force automation is forecasted to be $100 billion. nuVizz’s goal is to create engaging solutions for customers of this market. “We will continue building business ready apps targeting broad industry verticals across the globe,” ends Rao.

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