The New Norm: Same Day and White Glove Delivery

Disruptors like Amazon have raised the stakes in offering next day/ same day delivery to customers. Not only are major disruptors like Amazon changing the pace and speed of delivery but also customers are contributing to this dynamic shift, expecting expedient and cheap delivery.

In a recent study where 1,000 U.S. customers were surveyed, it was found that customers expect to wait an average of 4.8 days for delivery, down from 5.5 days in 2012.

Not only are customers wanting to wait less for deliveries, they expect cheaper rates for bulk items to be delivered to their home. White-glove delivery services are becoming more in-demand and retailers need to prepare how to deliver, and even install, oversize items.

What’s even more interesting is that 25% percent of those surveyed said that they had purchased home furnishings for home delivery in the past year and 30% said that would make purchases in the upcoming year.

It is no surprise that white glove and home delivery are necessary components for your delivery business.

To compete with the rapid industry changes and shifts, you need an effective solution whether you’re using your own fleet or contracted carriers that reduces last mile delivery costs and inefficiencies and gives you end-to-end real-time visibility.

Your ideal solution has to provide real-time GPS tracking for all stakeholders, helpful notifications to keep customers drivers, and dispatch informed. Also the solution has to have the capability for electronic documentation and signature capture to guarantee peace of mind for both you and your customers.

Our solution, nuDeliverIt, gives you that and so much more. It’s a mobile solution that aims to make each delivery easy. With nuDeliverIt, you can track packages, monitor your workforce, capture electronic proof of delivery and collect customer feedback all on your smart device.

Let nuVizz show how you can do it all in a simple, yet robust mobile app that’s quick to deploy and easy to implement.

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