System Uptime
A large auto parts manufacturer

Enterprise ready platform in action…

  • Multiple use cases
  • Dynamic & real-time dynamic optimization
  • Real-time customer communication
  • North America, Europe and Asia
Fortune 10 pharma distributor

Enterprise ready platform in action…

  • 6M+ annual deliveries
  • 300+ carrier terminals
  • 6000+ carrier drivers
  • Complete end-to-end delivery and returns automation
One of world's largest freight forwarders

Enterprise ready platform in action…

  • 80+ terminals
  • Combination of own assets and agents
  • Supporting variety of shipper verticals (furniture, appliance, pharma, auto, electronics)
  • Onboarding new terminals and shippers everyday
Fortune 500 agrochemical company

Enterprise ready platform in action…

  • 400+ carriers network
  • 2000+ carrier drivers
  • Fully paperless digitized environment
  • Automated customer communication and feedback

Technology platform with a broad vision

  • Inherent network support
  • Enterprise hierarchy support (DCs, Stores, Mfg Plants, Carriers, Agents, Customers)
  • Inherent support for many-to-many integration enablement
  • Best of breed technologies
  • Event based workflow orchestration

nuVizz has the best platform vision in the industry that helps support the most complex business scenarios. The industry expertise of the nuVizz team makes the platform even more appealing

Head of Digital Supply Chain, A large auto manufacturer

The platform capabilities are impressive. More importantly, the rate at which they bring in new functionality in a SaaS environment is amazing

Carrier Network Co-odinator, A large Agro products manufacturer

The most robust and flexible business platform

  • Complete delivery automation
  • In-built optimization to support every type of business scenarios
  • Utmost flexibility in workflow configuration
  • User friendly driver applications
  • Robust and the most flexible customer communication

The best scalable platform in the industry

  • Supports the most complex delivery network
  • More than 50 million business transactions and 100 fold technical transactions annually
  • Built for scale at every layer
  • Platform foundation built for scale
  • 99.99% system availability

Our delivery network is huge with more than 30 DCs, 300+ carrier terminals, 6000+ drivers and hundreds of thousands of customers. We are impressed with nuVizz ability to scale seamlessly

VP of Transportation, A large pharma distributor

For a 3PL like us who supports shippers in many different industries, the nuVizz platform flexibility in business workflow as well as integration configuration is game changing

VP of Business Applications, A large 3PL

A single platform that can support many delivery business scenarios

  • Platform supports more than 20 unique delivery & transportation business use cases (wholesale, retail, 3PL, Freight-forwarder, Pharma, white glove, auto parts, agro chemicals, appliances, electronics, medical device, medical services ...)
  • Flexible workflow automation capabilities
  • Various levels of configuration - business level, user level, entity level, data driven
  • Business as well as technical platform flexibility

Top notch security framework

  • SSAE certified
  • ISO 27001 certified
  • HIPAA compliant
  • AES 256 encryption
  • Data security at rest, in-transit and in mobile apps

For us, data security is paramount. nuVizz checked off all the boxes that we're looking for from our enterprise data security requirements stand point

VP of Transportation, A large pharma distributor

Above all the platform functionality etc. what stands out with nuVizz is their customer support. There is always someone to help and assist irrespective of where the issue is

Carrier Network Coordinator, A large agro products manufacturer

The best application support in the industry

  • Hundreds of years of consulting experience and supply chain and logistics expertise
  • The most knowledgeable customer success team
  • The best in the industry 24/7 support
  • Our motto - "Make it happen!"

Delivery Management Solution – Product Capabilities

See how nuDeliverIt, a cloud based delivery platform with a mobile app extension elevates your customers’ experience. This robust platform enables total visibility of your delivery execution from your dispatchers and drivers, to your partners and customers.

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