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nuVizz, Inc., a Network Based Last Mile Delivery and Transportation SaaS Platform Celebrates Reaching 25 Million Annual Transactions

nuVizz, a leading network based Last Mile Delivery & Transportation SaaS platform with nuDeliverIt products, today celebrated reaching a major milestone of 25 million annual transactions on its multi-tenant SaaS platform.

The nuVizz Transportation SaaS platform caters to all stakeholders in the final mile logistics and people movement ecosystem – shippers, retailers, 3PLs, trip sources, brokers, carriers, drivers and the end customers, all on a single platform. It’s a true network-based platform that operates on an event-based architecture connecting all stakeholders without creating point-to-point integrations, giving all stakeholders with the same version of the truth with its context sensitive visibility. The platform operates without the requirement for traditional EDI or API connections between stakeholders. The SaaS platform today helps customers in all kinds of delivery businesses from furniture, appliances, pharmacy, auto parts, office supplies, plumbing and HVAC products to people transportation in non-emergency healthcare, para transit and home healthcare services.

“We look at transportation & delivery as a connected universe and proud to be the only platform that can manage delivery logistics and people transportation on a single platform creating a true logistics and transportation cloud. Connecting the totally fragmented delivery and transportation ecosystem in logistics and people movement verticals on a single instance of the platform is unique and opens up huge possibility of creating a single capacity view of the broader network..”, says Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz, Inc. ”…the scale we’ve been able to achieve with reaching 25 million transactions in 2018 on the platform is not only a testament to flexibility of the platform but it also opens up huge opportunities for our customers to leverage our platform to operate more efficiently. We will continue to build on this momentum to provide both execution and visibility capabilities across the entire ecosystem and also open up the platform for our customers for finding new business opportunities.”

Some of the key differentiating features of nuDeliverIt & WellRyde platform include:

  • A true network-based solution that brings all stakeholders of the delivery & transportation ecosystem on a single platform with many-to-many partnerships
  • On-demand dynamic optimization combined with traditional scheduled delivery and trip planning
  • Automated delivery appointment scheduling
  • Most flexible delivery execution application to cater to any service/delivery & transportation workflow
  • Best-in-class and consistent customer experience – SMS, email, Uber like visibility, smart speakers and chat bots
  • Ability for enterprises to build their own crowd delivery ecosystem and manage within the same platform with other traditional resources
  • Advanced billing capabilities to automate the process
  • Enterprise grade solution with unmatched 24/7 live customer support

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