Sustainability and Carbon
Emissions Reduction Goals

Address Environmental Challenges and Secure
Long-term Competitiveness and Viability in the
Evolving Transportation Landscape.

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Exploring Sustainability in Transportation and Logistics with nuVizz TMS

Business Goals

Sustainability Goals

Business Benefits

Business GoalImprove Pool Point Operations

sustainability Goal Reduce CO2

benefits 10%-15% Cost

Business GoalReduction in Mileage

sustainability GoalSustainable Consumption and Production (SDG-12)

benefits15%-33% Cost benefit

Business GoalReduce Paperwork

sustainability GoalProtecting our Forest (SDG-15, SDG-13)

benefitsImprove Cash Flow

Business GoalReduce Shrinkage

sustainability GoalReduce CO2

benefits3%-5% COGS

Business GoalNetwork Visibility

sustainability GoalPartnership for Sustainable Development (SDG-17) technology

benefitsUseful insights and force multiplier for all of the above

nuVizz TMS Sustainability Benefits

shipper-icon Benefits for Shippers carrier-icon Benefits for Carriers
Track emissions of fleet vehicles
for Scope 1 reporting
Real Time Visibility Scope 3 reporting for shippers on
dedicated and comingled contracts
Meet sustainability goals by
maximizing vehicle utilization
Route Planning Minimize driven miles per stop to
meet shipper's emission goals
Reduce overall network emissions
with optimal static routes
Strategic Planning Respond to RFP bids with
sustainable route options
Reduce additional emissions
from customer redeliveries
Appointment Scheduling Reduce emissions from vehicle
idling waiting for customers
Minimize driven miles on hot shot
orders with nearest driver assignment
Route Optimization Reduce emissions from empty miles by
optimizing on demand stops
Combine deliveries with returns to
minimize emissions from returns
Returns Management Comingle customer deliveries and
returns to reduce overall emissions

Regulatory Compliances

Many regions across the world are implementing regulations more than ever before, to limit vehicle emissions and promote sustainable transportation practices. nuVizz TMS's Route Optimization, Strategic /Territory planning tools helps businesses comply with these regulations by minimizing emissions and demonstrating a commitment to environmental responsibility.


Reduction in Mileage / Fuel Consumption - Green Logistics

By using advanced route optimization algorithms to optmize routes, vehicles can travel shorter distances, use less fuel, and emit fewer greenhouse gases. This reduction in fuel consumption helps lower carbon emissions, which is vital for combating climate change and reducing air pollution.


Encouraging Sustainable Transportation Modes

As climate change invariably leads to larger environmental disruptions in the form of storms, floods, harsh winters and summers; transportation must improve resiliency. Encouraging a sustainable transportation mode in a multi-tier shipping operation with a heterogeneous carrier network is a complicated challenge Build resilience in your supply chain by bringing in the full 360 degree Network Visibility through nuVizz TMS. It enables enterprises to collect information in real time and provide actionable insights to make changes in real time.


Optimized Fleet Management

For companies with fleets of vehicles, our Route Optimization software can help streamline operations by assigning tasks more effectively and minimizing empty miles. Enterprises can improve on executing time constrained deliveries through accurate predictive ETAs that reduce unnecessary vehicle trips and missed appointments. This leads to fewer vehicles on the road and decreased environmental impact.


Capacity and Territory Planning

nuVizz TMSs Strategic / Territory planning and Capacity Planning features have the capability to recommend optimal utilization of your vehicle capacities across your demand aggregation or pool points that will help decrease mileage and minimize expenses. Shippers and Carriers can enhance their cost efficiency by 10%-15%, as they strategically allocate their most effective resources to suitable geographical areas.


Reduce OS&D and Paperwork

Reduce your OS&D (shrinkage) and paperwork and improve your sustainability goals in multiple ways. Every item lost requires to be reproduced and redelivered. Enterprises can use nuVizz TMS's scanning solutions to minimize shrinkage and gain valuable insight into the delivery process. Paper manifests, bills of lading and POD documents require lot of paper and storage. eDocs and ePODs have lot of impacts on controlling deforestation.


Reporting on Scope 3 Emissions

As shippers launch initiatives for incorporating sustainability practices into their business, they expect their contracted carriers to report on Scope 3 emissions impact of their shipments. Carriers are expected to report on miles driven and other emissions related metrics for transporting goods on behalf of the shippers. Carriers may use their delivery assets for comingling deliveries done for multiple shippers. This makes it difficult to attribute miles driven for individual shippers. nuVizz's visibility and execution platform lets carriers track exactly how much distance was traversed for delivering goods on behalf of various shippers allowing carriers to satisfy their Scope 3 compliance reporting requirements. nuVizz platform provides reporting flexibility to include the minutest details of shipments from planning to execution lifecycle allowing them to meet their shipper's reporting requirements.


Tools for a Greener Future article
by Pratik Jagad (CPO), nuVizz

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