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nuVizz Inc. Proudly Announces Strategic New Leadership Team Appointments

nuVizz Inc., an Atlanta-based supply chain consulting and enterprise mobile solution visionary, appoints key new members to their senior leadership team.

Atlanta, GA | January 28, 2016 ​–nuVizz Inc., an Atlanta ­based leading enterprise mobile solutions and supply chain consulting company, has just expanded its leadership team with strategic moves, including the appointment of Neil Sharma as Senior Vice President, Marketing
and Sales, and Jeff Gantt as Vice President, Product Management.

nuVizz Inc. is a mobile technology and end­to­end supply chain solutions consulting services provider with an ever­growing product portfolio in mobile space. nuVizz continues to help clients meet the demands of constantly evolving technologies and business requirements with a seasoned team of supply chain and delivery experts.

Neil Sharma will lead Marketing and Strategic Partnerships, bringing depth of domestic and international experience to nuVizz. Sharma’s career in technology solutions spans vice president and global director positions at world class companies like Samsung, NTT DoCoMo and Microsoft as well as successful startups like InfoSpace and PacketVideo. He spent the last few years as VP of Indirect Retail and Connected Devices Channels at Comcast where he grew his P&L to new record sales ­ his achievements include creating new multi–million dollar partnerships with Big Box Retailers like Target as well as managing more than 700 Third Party Labor and national Authorized Dealers.

“Neil brings a distinct level of experience in launching new business solutions and crafting lasting partnerships,” said Sudhakar Maruvada, President and Chief Marketing Officer. “In his new role, he will be responsible for helping to create the ecosystem for the Omni­Crowd Network ™ and Mobile Solutions. Additionally, he will drive the brand strategy and product marketing focus to our premier enterprise clients, large and small.”

In Research and Development, Jeff Gantt’s expanded role involves overseeing product strategy and development of nuVizz Mobile product portfolio. Prior to joining nuVizz last year, Jeff held numerous leadership positions for AirWatch by VMware and Manhattan Associates in R&D and product management, respectively. He brings over 17 years of diverse product and release
management, supply chain consulting and start­up mobility experience to this position.

“Jeff’s supply chain, mobility and operations experience is an invaluable asset to the strategic growth of our emerging products, our R&D organization and company,” said Maruvada.” In addition to driving product direction for our growing portfolio of mobile delivery applications ­nuDeliverIt, Vehmo and WellRyde and our nuVizz platform, Jeff continues to oversee the direction, development and growth of our Enterprise Crowd Enablement solutions.”

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