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nuVizz Launches Auto Parts Delivery Solution for OEMs and Dealerships

In a Recent Press Release nuVizz Announced The Launch of It’s Auto Parts Delivery Solution For OEM’s & Dealerships

APRIL 26, 2022-ATLANTA – nuVizz, a leading network-based last mile delivery and transportation management and customer experience SaaS platform, introduces nuVizz Auto Parts Delivery Solution, which helps auto original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their dealerships tackle the most challenging transportation routing and scheduling issues in the auto parts supply chain. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), the Auto Parts Delivery Solution builds on the nuVizz real-time transportation visibility technology to create an intelligent delivery ecosystem that helps OEMs and dealerships deliver next level customer service. This solution will be officially launched at the North America Parts Benchmark Conference on April 25th, 2022.

“The current supply chain issues in manufacturing and distribution along with growing fuel prices have exacerbated the problems in auto parts deliveries,” said Guru Rao, CEO of nuVizz. “Our network based platform coupled with AI & ML based Optimization capabilities enable various partners in the Auto Parts Supply Chain to get real time visibility and maximize their delivery assets to satisfy end customers””

nuVizz Auto Parts Delivery Solution capabilities include:

  • Out of the box integration with Enterprise Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) to get order delivery information from Regional Parts Replenishment Centers
  • Advanced Visibility to Regional Cross Docks on arriving parts with real time Predictive ETA
  • Cage and Part Level Inbound and Outbound Scanning at Regional Cross Docks to track inventory down to the part level
  • AI Based Auto generation of delivery routes to dealerships to minimize driving distance
  • Driver app to track delivery progress in real time and scan-based confirmation to ensure accurate parts delivery
  • Dealership Portal to track parts orders in real time and get notified on exceptions
  • Out of the box integration with Dealership Management Systems (DMS) to plan end customer orders
  • AI Based Real Time Dynamic Optimization for dealership routes to maximize dealer delivery fleet
  • End customer email and text-based alerting with Uber like visibility
  • Returns processing of individual parts and delivery cages

OEMs, Cross Dock Operators, Delivery Partners and Dealerships benefit from a wide-range of nuVizz Platform features:

  • As a network-enabled solution, it brings all stakeholders of the delivery ecosystem on a single platform with 100% real-time visibility
  • The advanced dynamic and real-time optimization capabilities improve asset utilization by more than 30-40%
  • Out of the box integrations with widely used enterprise systems minimizes implementation times and costs
  • As a completely automated delivery process, it eliminates paper and provides significant cost savings
  • Its best-in-class customer engagement capabilities improve customer satisfaction scores by more than 15 points

About nuVizz

nuVizz lights the way to better delivery and transportation logistics. From the first mile to the last mile-and everything in between – we’re trailblazers in supply chain optimization and digitization. Infinitely flexible, the nuVizz SaaS platform drives visibility, control, cost savings, and a better customer experience across the fulfilment lifecycle.

Our single-minded mission: simple, sustainable transportation solutions for every business on the planet. Go further, grow faster. For more information, visit

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