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Food logistics - one solution for planning to execution

The Food Logistics Solution help you deliver to wholesale, retail and restaurant customers. It allows you to track deliveries of perishable food products to ensure compliance with FSMA guidelines

Multiple fleet or delivery partners

The Food Logistics Platform handles multiple fleet, private, contract or crowd resources on a single pane. Co-ordinate with ease on delivery schedules and visibility.

API enabled platform that scales

Large scale distribution requires handling complexities at scale. Enable your enterprise to ramp up your business with our cloud based food logistics platform that supports your increasing delivery volumes.

Store deliveries - simplified

Deliver store supplies and consumables. Capture and report on substitutions and re-deliveries real-time using API integration. Reduce your backoffice workload with our award winning food logistics platform.

Customers routinely see...


Customer Satisfaction


Realtime Visibilty


Asset Utilisation


Billing Cycle


Manual Labor


CO2 Emissions


Driven Miles

Dealer management system integration - nuVizz

Strategic planning

  • Driver Utilization
  • Asset Optimization
  • Customer Satisfaction

Analyze your customers' daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly delivery demand to create optimized driver route schedules while optimizing vehicle utilization.

Food safety and traceability

  • Asset Optimization
  • Delivery Costs
  • Driver Throughput

Enforce barcode scanning to enforce accurate chain of custody throughout the delivery process. Capture item and box level GS1 barcodes at pickup and delivery to trace the movement of perishable items and quickly respond in case of recalls. Customized workflows to load/unload vehicles by temperature zones and capture temperature & other safety parameters for food products at pickup and delivery.

Vehicle Routing & Scheduling - nuVizz
Customer delivery tracking

Delivery visibility and ETA

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Operational Costs
  • Asset Optimization

Provide your sales and merchandiser teams accurate ETAs for deliveries to their customer accounts. Empower them to track in real time overage, shortage and execptions for their customer accounts.

Delivery performance tracking

  • Billing Cycle
  • Customer Experience
  • Configurability

Track planned vs actual mileage for delivery to ensure driver compliance and reducing cost. Get visibility into on time vs delayed deliveries to track root cause and for driver feedback and coaching.

Contactless delivery
Delivery Scanning - nuVizz

Order Accuracy - up 100%

  • Delivery Accuracy
  • Revisits
  • Customer Satisfaction

Scanning and verification ensures zero margin of error while delivering to your customers, thus increasing the utilization of the dispatched vehicle while catering to multiple customers. Reduce re-deliveries / returns that can eat up your margins quickly.

Predictive ETA powered by AI & ML

  • Real Time Alerts
  • Driver Delays
  • Delivery Management

AI enabled predictive ETA can boost the accuracy of your time windows. Reduce anxiety for the end customer with a 95% + accuracy in narrow delivery windows.













System Uptime

Highlighted customer review

"Made a difference in our efficiency in routing our drivers"

"Great for multi leg delivery networks and end to end visibility"

"Great Team with Great Expertise and an Expansive Platform"


Green Provider
Green Provider
Green Provider


Customers are beginning to demand deliveries in their terms, "I want delivery between 8 and 10". We have been able to meet these challenges with nuVizz Technology and getting great feedback.

We are seeing reduction in driver hours. The drivers are becoming more efficient, Overall a 30-35% reduction in operating costs, mileage and maintenance.

Doug Cantriel
Ford Smart Mobility

The efficient management of final mile delivery has become one of the key areas of operations for us. It includes providing real-time visibility of deliveries, ETAs, advance communication and electronic proof of delivery leveraging best-of-breed technologies.

Program Lead

Route Planning impacts your customers. It reduces the amount of time it takes your drivers to get the deliveries done. They are able to do it much more efficiently.

Chad Davis
Davis Trucking

We are a critical part of the healthcare ecosystem and our customers expect the best from us. The nuVizz delivery management and real-time visibility platform enabled us to take control of our extended delivery network by creating a standardized business process across the ecosystem providing our customers with accurate and real-time information and helping them serve their patients better…..the fact that we’re able to roll out the solution across our entire network of carrier partners during the pandemic without any boots on the ground is a testament to the maturity of nuVizz platform and the caliber of their people.

SVP Of Supply Chain Planning & Optimization,
Fortune 10 Pharma Distributor

As a leading provider of white-glove delivery services to some of the world’s top-notch retailers, we needed to up our game. Delivery management technology by nuVizz helped us elevate our game and continue to support our growth as we bring on new partners both upstream and downstream. nuVizz has been a great partner working closely with us in this journey.

Shawn Khan
President, Metropolitan Warehouse & Delivery Corp.



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