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nuVizz named in the Top Food Technology Providers list for 2022 by FSA’s Food Digest

August 23, 2022 10:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

ATLANTA — (BUSINESS WIRE) — nuVizz, a leading network-based last mile delivery & transportation management and customer experience SaaS platform, has been named as one of the Top Food Technology Providers for 2022 by Food Shippers of America’s (FSA) Food Digest.

Technology platforms, applications and innovators have emerged in the food and beverage market to help bring more efficiency, productivity, and transparency to the food chain. This recognition program highlights technology leaders that are readily available to food shippers in helping them to accomplish their supply chain business goals,” said Brian Everett, group publisher and editorial director of Food Chain Digest.

Guru Rao, CEO at nuVizz, said, “We at nuVizz are delighted to be included on the list. Inclusion on this list bears testament to all the years that we have spent building a true network-based delivery orchestration platform that allows customers to gain efficiencies in their food logistics operations from planning to delivery execution all the way to billing.”

Food logistics customers using nuVizz’s Platform have seen impressive benefits that include

  • Cost efficient deliveries to support customer SLAs critical to Food and Beverage distribution.
  • 20%-30% reduction in miles driven and fuel consumption
  • 30%-40% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • Real time visibility that provides an effective means of managing expectations, costs and agility in the face of tumultuous change in supply and demand.

nuVizz Platform differentiates itself through:

  • AI & ML application to intelligently route and schedule orders, helping drastically reduce the manual labor involved in the process
  • Industry-first active learning algorithms that take the best of both end-user business knowledge and machine learning capabilities to improve overall delivery efficiency
  • Quality data modules that fix common data issues at the source, reduce delivery exceptions, and improve customer service
  • Advanced workflow automation engine that takes away the need for manual involvement at every step of the delivery lifecycle

Food and Beverage Distributors can efficiently run their food logistics operations using a wide range of food distribution software capabilities offered by the nuVizz platform including:

  • Strategic Territory Planning
  • Recurring and Dynamic Route Planning
  • Driver App for Delivery and POD
  • Custom Driver Workflows for delivery conditions capture (temperature, etc.)
  • Barcode scanning support including GS1 barcodes for Food Safety and Traceability compliance
  • Geofence based alerts and events tracking
  • Merchandiser route planning for Post Delivery Service
  • Real time delivery visibility for sales and customer support
  • Reporting and Analytics for Driver and Merchandiser performance
  • No multi-year contract requirement, true scalable contract free SaaS platform where customers pay for use without getting bound by restrictive long term commitments

About nuVizz

nuVizz lights the way to better delivery and transportation logistics. From the first mile to the last mile – and everything in between – we’re trailblazers in supply chain optimization and digitization. Infinitely flexible, the nuVizz SaaS platform drives visibility, control, cost savings, and a better customer experience across the fulfilment lifecycle. Our single-minded mission: simple, sustainable transportation solutions for every business on the planet. Go further, grow faster. For more information, visit

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